Through this program Caritas Kitui undertakes efforts that promote environmental protection; mitigation and response to climate change; and access to safe, clean and affordable energy.
The program also influences development and implementation of natural resources policy frameworks required to create an enabling environment for the vulnerable community, this programs covers a number of issues relating to the:

  • Natural environment,
  • Green Power,
  • Rainwater Harvesting,
  • Energy Conservation through promotion of energy saving cook stoves and other energy saving alternatives.

The projects under this program include:


Funding Partner

Fasternopfer (Swiss Lenten Fund)

Project Overall Objective

Increased reduction in CO2-emissions responsible for climate change by using the new cook stoves by rural communities of Kitui County.

Target Area and Beneficiaries

Covers Kitui Rural, Kitui West and Kitui Central Sub counties

Targets 15,000 Households