The following are some of the projects that have been concluded so far:-

  1. Construction of Makuyuni Primary School in Zombe funded by FoK
  2. Construction of St.Patrick’s Boarding Primary School in Kyuso
  3. Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children through the Medical department which was funded by OLF
  4. Drought Emergency Response (DER)-Trocaire East Africa Funded
  5. Protracted Relief and Recovery (Resilience) Operations-10666.
  6. Support to Emergency Operations, funded by GOAL Kenya.
  7. Kitui Livelihood Protection and Enhancement Project-Funded by Trocaire East Africa.
  8. Mitigating the Impact of Economic downturn on Vulnerable groups in Kenya-Funded by DFID
  9. CAFOD Appeal East Africa Drought Response Ken 651
  10. WASH project supported by Caritas Switzerland.
  11. Community Based Green Energy Project (CBGEP) funded by EU and CAFOD.
  12. Clean Drinking water and Hygiene with Gender Focus KEN 679 Project (April 2013 to September 2014)
  13. Promotion of Agri- Business for food security through dry land farming which was funded by MANOS UNIDAS
  14. Mitigation against Human settlement Hazards project funded by Caritas Germany
  15. Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations (PRRO) KEN 200294
  16. Disaster Risk Reduction activities in Kyuso Sub county funded by Caritas Germany(Oct 2014 to March 2015)
  17. Wash in Schools project funded by UNICEF Kenya
  18. Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support Project
  19. Climate Resilience Agriculture (Match Fund Round 3).
  20. Kitui Integrated Food Security Project.
  21. Cash For Assets.
  22. Promoting Natural Resource Management Project funded by Trocaire.

We are Dedicated to saving Lives

Advocacy for Good Governance

Promoting environmental protection; mitigation and response to climate change.

Material and Logistic Assistance to vulnerable people to save lives.

Protecting and supporting the means of living and survival.

Material and Logistic Assistance to vulnerable people to save lives.